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didyoutryguest asked: So I'm reading all of Those Gilded Chains We Wear for the 5th time. I just thought you'd like to know I flail around excitedly for a good 5 minutes every time you post a new chapter. This is a more excited reaction than I have when someone leaves a really nice review for my own fanfiction. Your work is just so beautifully thought out and in character and alskksjffhlkjasf. So yeah, I love you. :)

Wow, that sounds awesome, thank you! (And totally like me.) You write fanfiction? Share, please! :D I have time to read fanfics now, I CAN’T WAIT TO GET NEW FODDER!

I love you, too, dearest reader <3

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seenhell asked: I recently read your Bellamione fanfic, it was amazing! but I was kinda sad that it stopped after chapter 37 :( do you plan on updating?

Thank you for reading! Ohhh, yes, I do. I have it all planned out, I just didn’t have time to focus on writing *sniff*

Expect something new soon! Maybe next week? Aaah, better not give any deadline, I never keep my own *sheepish*

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Anonymous asked: You are actually killing me Kuria. Im actually on my knees begging you to update THOSE GILDED CHAINS. I'm dieing. PLease oh master of bellamione

Kuria. That sounds kinda awesome. *rubs chin* Wait, Master?! No, no, I’m just a little writer having fun. No being on knees here!

I will do my best to update soon! :)

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Still aliiiiive…

Heeeey, party-people.
So here I am, way later after a few months of stressful happenings, but when is that ever something new with me, eh? Anyway, I managed to get a few things done, like get my driver’s license, and am NOW finally done with my written final exams! Yaaaay! (Dear gods, it was pure horror.)

Aaanyway. Besides the good things, bad things happened as well, like the death of a beloved family member that kinda destroyed our family’s foundation and brought a whole lot of chaos. But we pulled through somehow, so… yeah. 2013 started as a very, very exhausting year.

I’m still kinda zoned out from my last final and the weeks of power-learning I have behind me, but things are looking up and there are a few weeks of space until my oral exams, so I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that I’m back on the writing wagon! As soon as I get a good night’s rest, Those Gilded Chains We Wear will finally be tackled and fully finished. So expect good things to come! :)

I’m truly sorry for neglecting all those wonderful people who have written me notes on Tumblr and and I hope you can forgive me, but I wanted to put my education and family first. But you’re not forgotten! And now that I have time soon, I will start writing back and thanking you all for your attention and nice words! You are all appreciated, way more than I could ever express.

Have a great week, everyone, and you’ll hear from me again soon :)

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